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TanGold - sunbed home rental specialist for London and the surrounding areas

Enjoy the full benefits of hiring a sunbed from the comfort of your own home? Home sunbed hire is surely the easiest way for you to tan.

Our comprehensive range of the latest sunbeds allow us to meet your particular requirements and suit many different home situations. From fast tan sunbed tubes for that super quick tan including free goggles with every hire. Buy or rent your bed from us today. Sunbed home hire and rental service gives you low cost rental options for that healthy looking tan.

Would you prefer to lie down and top up your tan whilst dreaming of laying on the beach? Or would you prefer to top up using a vertical tanning unit such as the 24 tube Sun Shower?

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Vertical Sunbeds

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Single CanopySunbeds

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We supply sunbed hire and rental in the following locations. If you cant find the location please give us a call as the list is not exhaustive of all the areas.

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